Welcome by Benoît PotierERT Chairman

ERT is a forum bringing together around 50 Chief Executives and Chairmen of major multinational companies of European parentage covering a wide range of industrial and technological sectors.  Companies of ERT Members are widely situated across Europe, with a combined turnover exceeding € 1,300 billion, sustaining around 6.8 million jobs in the region. They invest more than € 51 billion annually in R&D, largely in Europe.

ERT advocates policies at both national and European levels, with the goal of improving European competitiveness, growth and employment.

Latest Documents

28 September 2015

Youth Employment

Leveraging Employability

European companies need young people with the right skills and mindset to maintain and expand their businesses in an ever more dynamic and competitive global economy. Creativity and dynamism are the basis for the innovations essential to foster Europe’s competitiveness, growth and prosperity. To...read more