ERT’s vision for a competitive Europe in 2025

1 February 2010

Recommendations for policy action


ERT wants Europe to still be an attractive place to live and work in 2025. It should continue to stand for a high quality of life for its citizens, offering prosperity and societal well-being. To turn this vision into reality, Europe in 2025 must achieve five major goals described in the document.

We believe that Europe should remain an attractive place to live and work in 2025, deeply integrated into the global economy as a respected partner. Europe should continue to stand for a high quality of life for its citizens. That is why prosperity and societal well-being are at the core of ERT’s vision.

Leif Johansson
Chairman, ERT
President, AB Volvo, and CEO, Volvo Group

ERT’s vision provides a perspective for a successful future for Europe. This can guide policy choices for the next decade. The publication contains specific recommendations providing guidance for policy action over the next five years:

     1. A global champion of sustainable growth

     2. Well-embedded and respected in global markets

     3. Unleashing innovative power

     4. People, education and culture drive productivity

     5. Decisive, reliable and transparent governance

This document is based on a visioning project conducted by the ERT from April to June 2009 under the lead of the ERT Competitiveness Working Group. This visioning project also involved ERT Members, strategy and business planning experts from ERT companies, and external stakeholders from the policy-making community and civil society. It relied on the contributions of more than 200 participants.

ERT Chairman discusses ERT Vision (video):